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Les Mille et une recettes du cuisinier amoureux

Quinzaine 1996 | Feature film | 1 h 40

Paris, 1995. While he prepares an exhibition of the Georgian painter Pirsomani in Paris, Anton Gogoladze meets an old lady with sparkling eyes. She shows him an manuscript, seeminling written in the early century by Anton’s mother, the beautiful Georgian princess Cecilia Abachidze. The notes recall the stormy, eccentric and passionate story of a French  » traveling cook « , Pascal Ichac, a colorful character, fond of big thrills and always on the road… Tbilissi, 1920. In the prime of life, the traveling cook meets Cecilia, who leaves her home and family to love him freely. The couple travels through Georgia, in search of unknown flavors and Georgian dishes simmered in big pots. On a premiere night at the Tbilissi Opera, thanks to this exceptional sense of smell, he smells the powder from a bomb placed under the Georgian president’s seat, and saves him from death. As a reward, Pscal can now make his dream come true : he opens his own restaurant,  » The New Eldorado  » in Tbilissi. Soon, international recognition comes from the most famous gourmets of this beginning of century, Winston Churchill, Chaliapin… In April 1921 , history catches up with our hero : The Red Army enters Tbilissi…

Artistic & technical sheet

Jean-Yves Gautier
Micheline Presle
Nino Kirtadze
Pierre Richard
Temour Kamkhadze

Irakli Kvirikadzeadaptation : André Grall

Guiorgui Beridze

Claude Bertrand, François de Morant

Vessela Martschewski, Irakli Kvirikadze

Goran Bregovic

Set decoration
Temour Chmaladze

PRODUCTION : Les Films du Rivage 9, Cité des Trois Bornes, 75011 Paris Tél. : 01 47 00 46 26 Fax : 01 47 00 23 38 La Sept Cinéma Studio Adam et Eve Studio Babelsberg (Allemagne) C.M.C. (Belgique) VENTE A L’ETRANGER : UGC DA 24, avenue Charles de Gaulle, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine Tél. : 01 46 40 45 17 Fax 01 46 37 76 07


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