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Les Silences du palais

Quinzaine 1994 | Feature film | 2 h 07

Alia, 25, is sick of singing at weddings. After the humiliation of this umpteenth gala night, she expresses the disgust for her life and a muted revolt against Lofti who has been living with her for ten years, never married her and refuses once again to keep the child she is bearing. The announcement of the death of a former Bey, the Prince Sid’Ali, plunges her brutally back into her past. At the funerals, she revisits the palace of her childhood where she was born of a servant mother and of an unknown father… who might be the prince. While she trolls along the deserted corridors, some cruel and fascinating images of her childhood come back…

Artistic & technical sheet

Amel Hedhili
Ghalia Lacroix
Hend Sabri
Najia Ouerghi

Moufida Tlatli

Youssef Ben Youssef

Faouzi Thabet

Moufida Tlatli

Anouar Brahem

Set decoration
Claude Bennys

PRODUCTION : Cinétéléfilms VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Fortissimo Film Sales


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