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Les Vautours

Quinzaine 1975 | Feature film | 1h30

This year, I became closer to two people who are dear to me : Claude Gauvreau, teh peot from Quebec, and Louis Pelletier – they are THE VULTURES’ main characters.
Both of them are born in a period when one had to say « I didn’t mean to » or « I’m sorry to bother you », fear being an everyday feeling. Claude and Louis look strangely alike. Both of them have this same fear, the same joys, the same anguish and the same lack of a father.
The first of them conveyx thoses feelings very well, saying that he has always done his best, without allowing himself to be limited by dogma : « one must yield to to one’s inner desire. If there’s no inner desire, one can do nothing of great importance. And if the inner desire exists, and imposes itself, then one must yield to it without concessions. »
The orther has nothing to say, but… a lot to bawl about.
Jean-Claude Labrecque

Artistic & technical sheet

Amulette Garneau
Carmen Tremblay
Gilbert Sicotte
Monique Mercure

Robert Gurik, Jacques Jacob

Alain Dostie

Production : LOUISE RANGER