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L’homme A Tout Faire

Quinzaine 1980 | Feature film | 1h39

The Armand Dorion creature is an osmosis between a remarkable man met by accident and a remarkable actor met on purpose. I only had to blend their affinities in order to create thise « handyman », knight of the modern times. As soon as he is born, Armand Dorion shares his story with us, looking for an audience, in order to communicate the simplest message : love, always love, whatever may happen. The time it takes to say « I love you », as Gilles Vigneault sings, is never lost.
Micheline LANCTOT

Artistic & technical sheet

André Pelletier
Danielle Schneider
Gilles Renaud
Janette Bertrand
Jocelyn Bérubé
Marcel Sabourin
Paul Dion

Micheline Lanctot

André Gagnon

Pierre Leroux

François Lanctot

Production : LES FILMS RENÉ MALO, Montréal