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Malom A Pokolban

Quinzaine 1987 | Feature film | 1h40

Youth is beautiful or rather it becomes beautiful with time. What can be done if « the most beautiful years of our lives » happen to coincide with a historical period that is as painful as it is conclusive? How to describe the madness of youth faced with the oppresive atmospher of the 50’s? Although this period is the subhect of numerous discussions, it usually is treated in a simplistic manner, but the period cannot be described as simple. That is why in my film I have put the accent on popular songs, on badly lit streets, on this world of illusions. It is difficult to dismiss the fact that it is in these formative years that political also enter a man’s life. Mills of Hell tries to keep a delicate balance between these differents facts. It is a film about youth, about youth in all its beauty, but influenced by the context of the 50’s. Gyula Marr

Artistic & technical sheet

Anna Rackevei
Dezso Garas
Edit Vlahovics
Frigye Funtek
Marianna Moor

György Moldova, Gyula Maar, d'après un roman de György Moldova

Ivan Mark

Karoly Peller

Julia Sivo

Set decoration
Tamas Banovich

Production : Mafilm, Studio Hunnia, Budapest, Hongrie Vente à l'étranger : Hungarofilm, Budapest, Hongrie