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Man, God, The Monster

Quinzaine 1994 | Feature film | 1 h 33

“Man, God, the Monster” is composed of three films: “Les Affaires personnelles” by Mirsad Idrizovic, “Godot-Sarajevo” de Pjer Zalica et “La Confession du monstre” d’Ademir Kenovic and Ismet Arnautalic. The film presents a vision of life in the heart of a besieged city, with the constraints imposed by war. The three stories flow from that of an ordinary man, a film-maker who lives in the destroyed city, Sarajevo, to the description of the efforts to understand what is hiding beyond visible reality, as it appears in the “making of” the play “Godot” in Sarajevo, and eventually to the encounter with a cold-blooded killing machine…



Artistic & technical sheet

Ahmed Arnautalic, Milenko Uherka, Mirsad Herovic, Miso Knezevic, Sulejman Kloloc

Bogoljub Nikolic, Almir Kenovic, Oliver Todorovic, Hervoje Durasek

Theodoros Koutsoulis, Almir Kenovic, Oliver Todorovic

PRODUCTION/VENTE A L’ETRANGER : SAGA Productions, Sarajevo, Bosnie-Herzégovine


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