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Marfa si Banii

Quinzaine 2001 | Feature film | 1h30

Ovidiu, a young man from Constanta who runs his own business – he sells snacks and soft drinks at the window of his flat – wants to expand and buy a kiosk, but he hasn’t got the dough. A local mafioso offers him an impressive amount of money for an apparently simple job : he has to take a bag to Bucharest to a specific address. It seems however that the bag contains some stuff that concerns other people too. Convinced at first that he sold only his services, he will understand, in the long run and when it is far too late, that he just sold his soul…

Artistic & technical sheet

Alexandru Papadopol
Costica Draganescu
Doru Ana
Dragos Bucur
Ioana Flora
Luminita Gheorghiu
Petre Pletosu
Razvan Vasilescu

Razvan Radulescu, Cristi Puiu

Silviu Stavila

Andrei Pap, Calin Potcoava

Ines Barbu, Nita Chivulescu

Set decoration
Andreea Hasnas

Production :
Rofilm, 4-6 rue Dem Dobrescu sect. 1
70414 Bucarest, Roumanie
tél. / fax : (40 1) 310 0672 

Vente à l'’étranger :
Centre National de la Cinématographie de Roumanie
4-6 rue Dem Dobrescu
70414 Bucarest, Roumanie
tél. / fax : (40 1) 310 0672


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