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Mater Amatisima

Quinzaine 1980 | Feature film | 1h30

In my opinion, nobudy knows exactly why he or she makes a film. An intuition becomes an idea, and I suspect that in the end it serves to free the author from an obsession. In the case of « Mater Amatisima », I did not know exactly what my aim was until my encounter with Julito de la Cruz, the hero of film.
While the doctor was explaining me, at the clinic where Julito was confined, that the child had a mental coefficent of 30/40, and while Julito was examining me timidly, gravely, I said to myself that if others could see the fascinating beauty of this swarthy child, solidly buid and autistic, they would undoubtedly question their own lives, wonder about their own level of normality and insanity, as well as their ability to adapt to this absurd way of life which has taken us a mere 2 000 years to construct, and which the vast majority of people would not hesitate to label « civilized » and « reasonnable ».
Furthermore, the fact that no one, to my knowledge, has ever produced a film with the participation of an autistic child, was for me a great temptation.
There are probably many other reasons, which I cannot recall at the moment, or which perhaps I prefer to forget.

Artistic & technical sheet

Consol Tura
Jaime Sorribas
Julito de la Cruz
Victoria ABRIL

José A. Salgot

Jaume Peracaula

Anastasi Rinos

Long play de Vangelis : "Ignacio"

Production : IMATCO S.A., Barcelone