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Quinzaine 2024 | Feature film | 128 min | Taiwan, Singapore, France
World premiere | Film in competition for the Caméra d'Or Award

Like many Vietnamese, Filipinos, Indonesians and Thais, Oom is an illegal worker in a rough province of Taiwan. Under the thumb of an unscrupulous boss, he can't refuse any of the jobs he's given. There are menial tasks, but there are also more worthy vocations: he helps a sick old woman and a mentally handicapped man at home, with patience and gentleness, perhaps recognising in them his own imprisonment. A stark film, with bursts of intense light.

Artistic & technical sheet


Wanlop Rungkumjad (Oom), Daniel Hong Yu-hong (Hsing), Lu Yi-ching (Mei), Kuo Shu-wei (Hui)


Chiang Wei Liang


RT Kao, Lim Ting Li

Production design

Liv Ye Chih-wei


Deuxième Ligne Films (France)
Marie Dubas
+33 7 68 07 68 89  

International Press

Jon Rushton 
Hannah Farr 


Michaël Capron


Dounia Sichov


E&W Films (Singapore)
Weijie Lai
+65 9137 5018  

Le Petit Jardin (Taïwan)
You Qiao Yin
+886 983 873 263 

Foreign Sales

Alpha Violet
+33 1 47 97 39 84 

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