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Muriel’s Wedding

Quinzaine 1994 | Feature film | 1 h 45

Muriel Heslop is an outsider in a strange place. porpoise Spit, the oppressively ordinary seadside resort where she lives with her large family, is a suburban wonderland of shopping malls, marine parks and tupperware parties. Living in a fantasy world of Abba songs and bridal catalogues, muriel waits for Prince Charming to come along and rescue her from her bullying father, her bitchy girlfriends and the claustrophobic atmosphere of small town morality. But when Prince Charming is slow to arrive, Muriel decides to take control of her own destiny and heads for the bright lights of Sydney to find him for herself!

Artistic & technical sheet

Belinda Jarett
Bill hunter
Daniel Lapaine
Gennie Nevison
Jeanie Drynan
Matt Day
Rachel Griffiths
Sophie Lee
Toni Collette

P.J. Hogan, d’'après une histoire de P.J. Hogan et Jocelyn Moorhouse

Martin McGrath, A.C.S.

David Lee, Glenn Newnham

Jill Bilcock

Peter Best

Set decoration
Patrick Reardon

PRODUCTION : House & Moorhouse Films VENTE A L'’ETRANGER : Ciby Sales


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