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Nella mischia

Quinzaine 1995 | Feature film | 1h33

A group of 15 year-olds lives in a suburban district of Rome. To attract the attention of the others, the youngest, Lorenzo, makes up a story about one of their friends, who is said to be dying of a cancer… After some thought, the friends decide to convince a prostitute to spend a night with their friend before he dies… Two years later, the same “ragazzi”, the same district. While attempting to get rid of counterfeit money, they live by their wits, on petty theft, trying – unsuccesfully – to win their independence. Until the day Lorenzo, tired of moving crates of tomatoes, decides to steal them, giving the others a chance to run a profitable business without a boss. This is simple narrative thread around which the life of these growing “ragazzi” gets organized.

Artistic & technical sheet

Andrea Proietti
Cristina Aubry
Daniela Ottobrini
Emiliano Cipolletti
Francesca Ottobrini
Giacomo Ciarrapico
Lorenzo Viaconzi
Malrico Gammarota
Marco Adamo
Valentina Sora

Gianni Zanasi

Giulio Pietromarchi

Stefano Savino

Rita Rognoni

Tiziano Popoli

Set decoration
Tommaso Bordone

Production : Axelotil Film, Rome, Italie - Pupkin Film Vente à l'étranger : SACIS, Rome, Italie