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Noujoum A’nahar

Quinzaine 1988 | Feature film | 1h45

For a long time, in fact since my first discovery of cinema, I have not stopped watching, observing my native village, a few miles from Lattakieh. What suddenly awoke my interest, was this endless desire that people have to get away from their reality and to be different from what they really are. The stars of the day are those that one looks for at noon and which will never come out. And one knows it. The heroes of this film live in the illusion of their heroism. By fighting one against the other, they end up by destroying themselves. A wedding becomes a funeral. The community invents its own arms and makes its own victims. The young deaf man runs away from his own complex reality to Damascus, to find his strength and make his dream come true: he ends up swallowed by a cloud of insecticide. The countryside is no longer the countryside, a simple landscape. Sons leave the land and agriculture to rush to the cities, to the civil service… to power. In one leap, they have jumped on to their dream, and have lost themselves in the fog of illusions, waiting for the stars in full daylight. Oussama Mohammad


Abdellatif Abdelhamid
Maha Al Saleh
Saba Al Salem
Saddin Bakdounes
Zouher Abdelkarim
Zouher Ramadan


Oussama Mohammad

Abdel Kader Charbaji

Emile Saade, H. Salem, A. Kaook

Antoinette Azaria

Production : Organisme National du Cinema, Dams, Syrie Vente à l'étranger : Maram Production, Paris, France