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O Bravo Guerreiro

Quinzaine 1969 | Feature film

This arty and cerebral film offers a scathing behind-the-scenes look at local Brazilian politics, its main target being the ridiculous rhetoric that is the tool of the politician’s trade. Young congressman Miguel Horta represents a party that is directly opposed to the present government, so he slyly switches parties in order to gain favor with those in power — seriously compromising his own ideals and ethics in the process. Though his wife makes no bones about her dislike of his activities (she prefers to have him at home), Miguel carries on with his political machinations. When he becomes embroiled in the sordid dealings between the bourgeoisie government and the local labor unions, he attempts to deliver a long-winded speech touting his own political career but is ultimately forced to admit his incompetence and return home a defeated man.

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