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Os vivos tambem choram

Quinzaine 2012 | Short film | 30mn

Ze is a dockworker in Lisbon. He watches enviously the ships he will never board. He dreams of leaving his wife and the slum. He has been saving money in secret to travel to Sweden. But one night he gets home to discover that his wife found his savings and spent them on a new washing machine.

Artistic & technical sheet

Dorin Dragos
José Pedro Gomes

Basil Da Cunha

Patrick Tresch

Filipe Tavares

Emilie Morier, Basil Da Cunha, Julien Rouyet

Set decoration
Francisco Garcia

Production :
Box Productions
4 rue de la Savonnerie 4
1020 Renens - Suisse
Tél : +41 21 312 6411

Coproduction :
O Som e a Fùria (Portugal)
RTS Radio Télévision Suisse (Suisse)