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Osobitsy Pamietnik Grzesznika

Quinzaine 1986 | Feature film | 2h05

The Diary of a Sinner is based on the novel Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Jusified Sinner, by the Scottish writer James Hogg, who lived from 1770 to 1835. It seems to me that the film, following the idea of the book, is an analisis in the form of a fairy tale, that explores the dark side of the soul. It confronts God and Evil, Innocence and Sin. The original text has been used to weawe the web that brings together both reality and imagination. It is this that has determined the structuring of the film, and its reading at several levels. I think that this theme, already touched on in The Saragossa Manuscrit, then developped in The Sandglass, is once again the subject of this film. Wojciech J. Has

Artistic & technical sheet

Ewa Wisniewska
Hanna Stankowna
Maciej Kozlowski
Piotr Bajor

Michal Komar

Grzergorz Kedzierski

Barbara Lewandowska-Conio

Jerzy Maksymiuk

Production : Polish Corporation pour Unit Rondo Filmproduction Vente à l'étranger : Film Polski, Varsovie, Pologne