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Pervii Etage

Quinzaine 1990 | Feature film | 1H10

I want you to be my wife. I want us to have children. A little girl. I want to see you every night after work. I want… – You’re out of your mind. – Why? I don’t understand you. – We’re just fine together. Isn’t that enough? A man loved a woman. He was jealous of her. He killed her… This is «Othello». A man loved a woman. He was jealous of her; He killed her… This is «Carmen». «The man who loved women»… This is François Truffaut. As young man loved a young woman. He was jealous of her. And, of course, he killed her. This is «Ground floor»; Igor Minaïev

Artistic & technical sheet

Euguenia Dobrovolskaia
Ludmila Davidova
maxim Kisilev
Nicolaj Tokar
Svetlana Kruchkova

Olga Mikhaijlova

Vladimir Pankov

Iasnikova Riabinin

Polina Roudikh

Anatolij Dergachev

Set decoration
Anatolij Naoumov

Production : Primodessa Film en URSS Vente à l'étranger : Primodessa Film à Munich


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