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Petits arrangements avec les morts

Quinzaine 1994 | Feature film | 1 h 48

A sunny beach in Brittany on an August afternoon. On the line of the tide, a 45-year-old man starts building a sandcastle. Three people are watching him from different places on the beach. It is noon. The first one is called Jumbo. He is a little boy, hidden under a pedalo. The night before, the man who builds sandcastles and the child talked to each other. Jumbo committed himself to keep the castle that was built up that day but got destroyed. Jumbo feels slightly guilty. Of that and other things as well. Of other recent events he relates to the incident. The second one is sitting on the bench overviewing the beach. He is a 30-year-old man and the youngest brother of the man who builds the castle. He watches him from far away. He thinks of him, to the already very old rivalry between them. François is the story of a conflict between two brothers. The third one is lying on a towel, a little set back from the castle. She is a woman in her forties, called Zaza and she is both men’s sister. Zaza is losing ground. It is the story of a strong woman who does not understand what is happening to her and will do everything she can to save herself. Or how you voluntarily close yourself to the world. The film put their three stories in perspective.


Catherine Ferran
Charles Berling
Didier Sandre
Guillaume Charras
Sabrina Leurquin


Pierre Trividic, Pascale Ferran

Jean-Claude Larrieu

Jean-Jacques Ferran

Guy Lecome

Béatrice Thiriet

Set decoration
Philippe Chiffre

PRODUCTION : Eclipsa Films La Sept Cinéma VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Pan Européenne