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Les Pistolets en plastique

Plastic Guns

Quinzaine 2024 | Feature film | 95 min | France
World premiere

Any resemblance to a suspected murderer is not accidental. A man kills his entire family, disappears into thin air and flees abroad, where he lives a life of leisure. Inspired by one of the most notorious French news stories of recent years, Plastic Guns is a highly amusing theatre of cruelty, carried by an energetic cast. There’s a criminal profiler, as admired as he is phlegmatic; a duo of amateur female web investigators who go wild during their pilgrimage to the scene of the crime; a misogynistic nobody who is mistaken for the murderer on his way to take part in a country dance competition... A certain tradition of French comedy enhanced by macabre humour.

Artistic & technical sheet


Delphine Baril (Léa), Charlotte Laemmel (Christine), Laurent Stocker (Paul Bernardin), Gaëtan Peau (Michel Uzès)


Jean-Christophe Meurisse, Amélie Philippe


Lucas Héberlé

Production design

Hervé Redoules

Foreign Sales

+33 9 84 10 27 84 

French press

Le Public Système Cinéma
Clarisse André
+33 6 70 24 05 10 


Javier Ruiz-Gomez


Flora Volpelière


Mamma Roman (France)
Juliette Grangeon
+33 6 10 51 84 53 

Distribution France

Bac Films
+33 1 80 49 10 00 

International press

Wolf Consultants
Michael Arnon
+49 178 547 0179  

Sortie en salle : 26 June 2024

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