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Provas, Exorcismos

Quinzaine 2015 | Short film | 25min

In Alhambra, between the mountains and the river, a train runs through the village. Oscar, forty-eight years, has worked for the last twenty-fifth years in the same factory, and finds himself awaiting for the resolution of the court on the application of the insolvency of the factory where he worked. With the suspended production and the unpaid wages, Oscar and his colleagues continue to appear daily to work hoping that they can keep their jobs.

Artistic & technical sheet

Bruno Pereira
Goncalves António
Joana Ferreira
João Amaro Susana
Joaquim Calçada
Oscar Santos

Susana Nobre

Paulo Menezes

António Pedro Figueiredo

Francisco Moreira

Set decoration
Patricia Ameixial

Production :
av. almirante reis nº56, 3ºdto
1150-019 Lisbonne - Portugal
T : +351 212 415 754

Ventes / Foreign sales :
AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency
Auditório Municipal Pr Republica
4480-715 Vila do Conde - Portugal
T : +351 252 646683

Distribution :
AGENCIA - Portuguese Short Film Agency

Presse / publicist :
Pedro Peralta
T : +351 96 336 5144

International press :
Pedro Peralta
T : +351 96 336 5144