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Red 11

Quinzaine 2019 | Feature film | 1h17

Based on Robert Rodriguez's experiences in a Medical Research Facility to finance his first feature El mariachi, but with a sci-fi and horror twist. Red 11 is set in the dark, twisted world of the Legal Drug Research business. College kids turn Lab Rats to make quick money, and our hero, Rob (who is assigned the color and number Red 11) is here to buy his way out of a huge debt to the tune of $7,000. But things get surreal when he’s not sure if the hospital is really trying to kill him, or if it's side effects from the experimental drugs.

Artistic & technical sheet

Alejandro Rose Garcia
Carlos Gallardo
Eman Esfandi
Lauren Hatfield
Pierce Bailey
Rebel Rodriguez

Racer Max, Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

Racer Max

production design
Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez

Rebel Rodriguez

Double R Productions
4900 Old Manor Road
Austin, Texas 78723 – États-Unis
T : +1 512 334 7783

Cecilia Conti
T : +1 310 717 3871

Red 11 video

Album Red 11

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