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Quinzaine 2014 | Feature film | 1h35

Matias and his mother Laura, find themselves forced to hurriedly abandon the house they live in to escape another outburst of violence from Fabian. Matias is 8 and Laura is newly pregnant. Thus they begin a wandering journey in search of a place they can feel safe and protected. They embark on an unusual road-movie of everyday life, a drama shot through with great humanity.

Artistic & technical sheet

Julieta Diaz
Sebastian Ezequiel Molinaro

Diego Lerman, Maria Meira

Wojtek Staron

Leandro de Loredo

Alejandro Brodersohn (S.A.E.)

José Villalobos

Set decoration
Michaela Saiegh, Sabrina Campos

Production :
Campo Cine S.R.L.
Montalvo 150
Buenos Aires -  Argentine
Tél : + 54 11 2056 4074

Coproduction :
Staron Films (Pologne)
Burning Blue (Colombie)
Bellota Films (France)
Gale Cine (Argentine)
Sudestada (Argentine)
27 Films (Allemagne)
B Media Global (France)

Ventes / Foreign sales :
Memento Films International
Tél : +33 1 53 34 90 20

Album Refugiado

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