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Quinzaine 1995 | Feature film | 1 h 05

They were not made to meet, and as a matter of fact, they never did. There’s Sophie, protected from everything, the highest teaching degree in philosophy at 25, and already a teacher at the university, a good-looking and clever girl. Witty and attractive, she devours pupils and books. Cynical and airy, no matter if her shallow life runs counter to the values she professes with so much conviction… Then there’s Gina, distressed, broken by life, whose mother’s premature death exposes to every insult; burdened with an alcoholic and degraded father ready to bet his daughter’s virginity to win a fortune at the poker table. And when the father dies, she still must settle his debts by sacrificing herself; but that doesn’t matter, nothing can touch her; she is beautiful, she is in love, she has a lover of her own… So when Sophie pays a visit to her favorite student, Antoine, whose room is next to Gina’s… When David, Gina’s lover, learns by accident about her double life, one morning their two paths collide in the hall of the building, at dawn.

Artistic & technical sheet

Jean-Marc Savean
Marion Laine
Stéphane Rideau
Valérie Meynadier

Jean-Luc Raynaud, Valérie Meynadier, Raphaëlle François

Emmanuel Soyer

Dominique Dindinnaud

Karine Allenbach, Jean-Luc Raynaud


Set decoration
Papa Kouyaté

Production : Les Films en Hiver, Paris, France Distribution, vente à l'étranger : K Films, Paris, France