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Riddle of fire

Quinzaine 2023 | Feature film | 114 min | United States of America
World premiere | Film in competition for the Caméra d'Or Award

Once upon a time there were three kids trying to crack the parental control of their games console, and to tackle the recipe for the perfect blueberry pie. Once upon a time, there was a sect of poachers who couldn't stop bickering and a little girl with an elvish gift… A first feature film whose budget is as lilliputian as its formal sophistication and epic freedom are gigantic. As if, in an enchanted Wyoming forest, Tom Sawyer, the Famous Five and the Goonies once came together to play a board game around a campfire.

Artistic & technical sheet


Lio Tipton (Anna-Freya), Charles Halford (John Redrye), Charlie Stover (Hazel), Lorelei Olivia Mote (Petal), Phoebe Ferro (Alice), Skyler Peters (Jodie)

Weston Razooli

Jake L. Mitchell

Garrard Whatley

Production design
Meg Cabell

Weston Razooli

Fulldawa Films (US)
David Atrakchi
+1 310 729 2215  

Anaxia (US)
Weston Razooli

Sohrab Mirmont (US)

Lio Tipton (US)

Foreign sales
Mister Smith Entertainment
+44 207 494 1724  

French press
Claire Vorger
+33 6 20 10 40 56
Calypso Le Guen

international press
Alyson Dewar
+1 323 821 3750 

Album Riddle of fire

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