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Ride The High Country

Quinzaine 2005 | Feature film | 1h34

Ex-lawman Steve Judd is hired by a bank to escort a gold shipment from a mining town. To help him, he hires his old friend and colleague, Gil Westrum, along with the latter’s young saddle pal, Heck. But Westrum and Heck only accept the job in order to hijack the gold. En route to pick up the gold, they spend the night at the farm of a Quaker whose daughter, Elsa, defying her father’s wishes, joins them with plans to elope with her boyfriend, Billy, at the mining camp. (in « Sam Peckinpah » de Gérard Camy, L’Harmattan, 1997)

Artistic & technical sheet

Joel McCrea
L.Q. Jones
Mariette Hartley
Randolph Scott
Ronald Starr
Warren Oates

N.B. Stone Jr

Lucien Ballard

Franklin Milton

Franck Santillo

George Bassman

Set decoration
Leroy Coleman, George W. Davis

production: Richard Lyons - Metro Goldwyn Mayer ventes à l'étranger: Hollywood Classics Linton house 39/51 Highgate Road London NW5 1RS Melanie Tebb Tél : + 44 (20) 7424 7280


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