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Quinzaine 2003 | Short film | 15mn

Chae-Im and Chang-Ha have been dating for seven years. Like many, they are caught in a vicious love-hate cycle. Ultimately, they realize that they are only happy in their own world, a world too far from reality. When they break up, Chaem can’t get Chang Ha out of her mind and together, they perform a final ritual in order to say good-bye.

Artistic & technical sheet

Kim Mi-Young
Lee Young-Joo
Yeo Woon-Bok

Park Jong-Woo

Nam Jong-Ki

Lee Gong-Ju

Ahn Gang-Sub

Lee gong-Ju

Set decoration
Yim Gun-Su

Production : Kim Mi-Jung The Korean National University of Art # San1-5, Seokgwan-dong, Seongbuk-gu 136 716 Séoul Corée du Sud Tél : +82 2 958 2500 Ventes à l?étranger : Jung Soojin Mirovision 1-151 Shinmunro 2-Ga, Chongro-gu 110-062 Séoul Corée du sud Tél :+82 2 737 1185 Fax : +82 2 737 1184


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