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Senza pelle

Quinzaine 1994 | Feature film | 1 h 30

One day, Gina’s and Riccardo’s rather ordinary daily life (she’s working at the post office, he is a bus driver) is diturbed by the “anonymous” love declarations of one Saverio to Gina. Overnight, the life of the young couple is being spied on and confused by the vainly assiduous attentions of jis unknown admirer. The uneasiness reaches a peak when Riccardo realizes how private life is badly protected when confronted to anonymous letters. At the end of an exhausting period of time full of small incidents, Riccardo manages to make the author of the letters come out of the dark. Then he discovers a young man, rather cute and polite. A teenager with a fragile personnality and an apparent innocent look. Nevertheless, all his attentions have deeply perturbed Gina who was no longer used to such expressions…

Artistic & technical sheet

Anna Galiena
Kim Rossi Stuart
Leila Durante
Lucio Alloccia
Maria Grazia Grassini
Massimo Ghini
Tiziana Cruciani

Alessandro d’'Alatri

Claudio Collepiccolo

Tulio Morganti

Cecilia Zanuso

Moni Ovadia et Alfredo Lacosegliaz

Set decoration
Francesco Priori

PRODUCTION : Rodeo Drive VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Adriana Chiesa (en association avec Cinecitta International)


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