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Quinzaine 2022 | Short film | 8 min
World premiere

Udo Kier dies his way through film history. He screams, falls, lies, is cut into pieces, shot or commits suicide. Again and again his empty gaze, again and again his rigid body. In 54 years as an actor, Udo Kier played in more than 170 feature films, 120 series episodes and 50 short films. More than 70 times Udo Kier tried to give an expression to dying and death. In Staging Death, these representations of death merge into a montage of the most diverse shots, film formats, special effects and sound designs.

"Directors are now thinking increasingly strained about what new ways they can kill me. […] At some point, somebody would have to make a montage of all my film deaths." Udo Kier (Interview Subway Magazine #145, December 1999)


Udo Kier


Jan Soldat


Foreign sales
Neubaugasse 45/13
1070 Vienna - Austria
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Screenings in Cannes

Théâtre Croisette - 05/25/2022 14h15

Cinéma Olympia / Salle 8 - 05/26/2022 12h00

Cinéma Alexandre III - 05/26/2022 19h00