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Summer of Sam

Quinzaine 1999 | Feature film | 2h22

New York City’s infamous summer of 1977 was the scene of disco divas and the culture clash between fashionable patrons of Studio 54 and the new wave of punk rockers who invaded Manhattan. It was also one of the hottest summers on record and produced the city’s first serial killer, whom the tabloids, in a frenzy to boost their respective circulations, quickly dubbed “Son of Sam”. With the media playing an integral role in creating mass fear and paranoia, the whole city became a hotbed of trepidation and panic, captivating not only New York, but the entire world. The vicious murderer stalks his way through the Italian-American section of the Bronx, preying on innocent young women. As the temperatures and body count rise, the city becomes immersed in terror. In the desperate search for the 44-caliber killer, a Mafia boss offers a bounty for the Son of Sam. Motivated by greed and ignorance, Joey T., a 32-year-old thug, and his gang of flunkies become obsessed with the idea that Son of Sam is someone from “the neighborhood”. Armed with twisted logic, the gang makes a list of everyone they think is a freak-o. The witch hunt is on, with Ritchie, an aspiring punk rocker becoming the focus of their suspicion and an easy scapegoat or their fears.


Spike Lee

Artistic & technical sheet

Adrien Brody
Anthony LaPaglia
Ben Gazzara
Jennifer Esposito
John Leguizamo
John Savage
Mira Sorvino

Victor Colicchio, Michael Imperioli, Spike Lee

Ellen Kuras

Rolf Pardula

Barry Alexander Brown

Terence Blanchard

Set decoration
Thérèse DePrez

Production : Jon Kilik & Spike Lee, Hostage Production Inc. & Touchstone Pictures, 124 Dekalb Ave, Brooklyn NY 11217, Etats-Unis, Tél. : (1 917) 723 8491 vente à l’étranger : Buena Vista International, Tower Building, 350 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank CA 91521-7387, Etats-Unis, Tél. : (1 818) 295 4440, Fax : (1 818) 843 6925 Distribution : Gaumont Buena Vista International, 5 rue du Colisée, 75008 Paris, France, Tél. : 33 (0)1 46 43 24 53, Fax : 33 (0)1 46 43 24 90