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The Five Senses

Quinzaine 1999 | Feature film | 1h45

The Five Senses is a poignant drama pivoting around the five senses – touch, taste, hearing, smell, vision – and the lives of numerous characters, each searching for a significant and intimate human connection. The story takes place over an intense three-day period in which a young child has disappeared, galvanizing the public and the media’s attention. Against this dramatic backdrop, five characters, who live and/or work in the same building across from the park where the child disappeared, are engaged in their own personal crises. During the course of the film, each of these characters discovers an essential clue to his or her own true desires. As the story of the missing girl is resolved, so are the stories of these five characters. The Five Senses reminds us that we are only connected to the world through our significant relationships. It is a film about having the courage to trust in life and love.

Artistic & technical sheet

Brendan Fletcher
Daniel MacIvor
Gabrielle Rose
Marco Leonardi
Mary-Louise Parker
Molly Parker
Nadia Litz
Pascale Bussières
Philippe Volter

Jeremy Podeswa

Gregory Middleton

Philip Stall

Wiebke Von Carolsfeld

Alexina Louie, Alex Pauk

Set decoration
Taavo Soodor

Production : Camelia Frieberg & Jeremy Podeswa, Five Senses Productions Inc., 14 Palmerston Gdns., Toronto, Ontario M6G 1V9, Canada, Tél. : (1 416) 588 35 44, Fax : (1 416) 588 63 00 vente à l’étranger : Alliance Atlantis Pictures International Toronto Office, 121 Bloor Street East, Suite 1500, Toronto, Ontario M4W 3M5, Canada, Tél. : (1 416) 967 1141, Fax : (1 416) 967 1226 Los Angeles Office, 808 Wilshire Blvd, 3ème étage, Santa Monica CA 90401, Etats-Unis, Tél. : (1 310) 899 8000, Fax : (1 310) 899 8100