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Le Procès Goldman

The Goldman Case

Quinzaine 2023 | Feature film | 116 min | France
World premiere

A lawless desperado or a headstrong young man persecuted by a racist police state? In 1976, the second trial of Pierre Goldman, divided France when the far-left activist was retried for four robberies, one of which resulted in two deaths. He denied any involvement in the latter case. By choosing to stage this judicial huis-clos, Cédric Kahn makes a soft but powerful entry into the delicate genre of the courtroom drama. He also unearths a black box of distinctly French passions, upheavals and splits, that extend far beyond the 1970s.


Arieh Worthalter (Pierre Goldman), Arthur Harari (Maître Kiejman), Chloé Lecerf (Christiane)


Cédric Kahn, Nathalie Hertzberg

Patrick Ghiringhelli

Erwan Kerzanet, Sylvain Malbrant, Olivier Guillaume

Production design
Guillaume Deviercy

Yann Dedet

majority production
Moonshaker (France)
Benjamin Elalouf
+33 6 46 04 51 83


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Ad Vitam


French press
André-Paul Ricci
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Tony Arnoux
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Pablo Garcia Fons
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Screenings in Cannes

Théâtre Croisette - 05/17/2023 8.30am

Théâtre Croisette - 05/17/2023 7.30pm

Cinéma Le Raimu - 05/18/2023 10.00am

Cinéma La Licorne - 05/18/2023 2.00pm

Cinéma Alexandre III - 05/18/2023 7.00am

Théâtre Croisette - 05/26/2023 8.30am

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