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The Hyperboreans

Los hiperbóreos

Quinzaine 2024 | Feature film | 62 min | Chile
World premiere

Following their first feature-length animated film The Wolf House (2018), the Chilean duo are back, mixing puppets, stop-motion and live-action, theatre, science fiction, and real and fabricated biopic. In the liminal space of a big studio, our only guide is a woman – by turns storyteller, actress and illusionist – who interacts with Méliès-style cardboard sets and effigies, following in the footsteps of a very real man: the Chilean neo-Nazi dandy Miguel Serrano (1917-2009), a writer and the originator of delirious esoteric theories. Should he be viewed as a fascinating anomaly or symbolic of a deeper evil?

Artistic & technical sheet


Antonia Giesen (Antonia Giesen),
Francisco Visceral (Metalero)


Cristóbal León, Joaquín Cociña, Alejandra Moffat


Claudio Vargas


Valo Sonoro


León & Cociña Films (Chili)
Catalina Vergara
+56 9 9653 0493  


Bendita Film Sales
+34 922 926 541 


Natalia Medina


Paolo Caro Silva, Cristóbal León, Joaquín Cociña, Catalina Sandoval

Production design

Natalia Geisse, Cristóbal León, Joaquin Cociña


Globo Rojo Films (Chili)

French & International press

Gloria Zerbinati
+33 7 86 80 02 82 

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