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L'Autre Laurens

The Other Laurens

Quinzaine 2023 | Feature film | 117 min | Belgium, France
World premiere

At the request of his niece, a private detective specializing in extramarital affairs finds himself investigating the suspicious death of his twin brother, with whom he had cut ties. He takes a trip to the lavish residence of his late sibling, near the French-Spanish border, where the dodgy and disreputable gather: a desillusioned American widow, a former marine helicopter pilot, middle-aged Hells Angels with with regional drawls, incompetent cops tracking a missing gitan. This deadpan detective story evokes another set of twins in its style, which mixes the American and European codes of film noir.

Artistic & technical sheet


Olivier Rabourdin (Gabriel / François), Louise Leroy (Jade), Tibo Vandenborre (Jige), Marc Babré (Valery), Kate Moran (Shelby), Edwin Gaffney (Scott), Rodolphe Burger (Alain), Francis Soetens (Francis)

Claude Schmitz et Kostia Testut

Florian Berutti

Thomas Berliner

Production design
Mathieu Buffler

Marie Beaune

Thomas Turine

majority production
Wrong Men (Belgium)
Benoit Roland

Chevaldeuxtrois (France)
Jérémy Forni
+33 1 85 08 31 44 

foreign sales
Best Friend Forever 

Arizona Distribution 

presse France
Annie Maurette
+33 6 60 97 30 36

international press
The PR Factory
Barbara Van Lombeek
+32 486 54 64 80 

Marie-France Dupagne
+32 477 62 67 70     

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