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The red sea makes me wanna cry

Quinzaine 2023 | Short film | 21 min | Germany, Jordan
World premiere

A German woman goes to the town on the Red Sea where her Arab lover has just died. Beyond a simple story of mourning, the invention of an eerie port town by this young Jordanian filmmaker has Durassian echoes: the death of both a man and a city. The odyssey concludes in a hotel bar, backed by a popular Middle Eastern song.

Artistic & technical sheet


Clara Schwinning (Ida Fehrmann), Ahmed Shihab-Eldin (Ismail), Mohammad Nizar (Musa), Anwar Khalil (Raymond)

Matthew LaPaglia, Faris Alrjoob

Mahmoud Belakhel

Janis Ahnert

Production design
Alina Musiol

Benedikt Strick

Omar Fadel

Academy of Media Arts Cologne (Germany)
Faris Alrjoob
Luisa Stricker
Luma Al Hamarneh
+49 221 201890 

Album The red sea makes me wanna cry

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