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The Sweet East

Quinzaine 2023 | Feature film | 104 min | United States of America
World premiere

The mental, social and political disarray of the United States, filmed like a game of hopscotch or a variation on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. High school student Lillian runs away while on a school trip and, through a series of encounters, traverses the spectrum of contemporary radicalism and madness, from white supremacists to Islamic radicals, from neo-punks to woke avant-gardists. At every leg of her journey, she comes into contact with hermetic worlds, whose citizens rant and rave to each other, blissfully ignorant of their neighbors. A story at the crossroads of a traditional fairytale, a picaresque narrative and 1970s New Hollywood. 

Artistic & technical sheet


Talia Ryder (Lillian), Simon Rex (Lawrence), Earl Cave (Caleb), Jacob Elordi (Ian), Jeremy O Harris (Matthew), Ayo Edebiri (Molly), Rish Shah (Mohammad)

Nick Pinkerton

Sean Price Williams

Production design
Madeline Sadowski

Stephen Gurewitz

Paul Grimstad

Marathon Street (US)
Jimmy Kaltreider - Executive Producer

Base 12 (US)
Craig Butta
Alex Coco
Alex Ross Perry
T: +1 718-619-9037  

Foreign sales
The Match Factory  

Publicist (France)
Celia Mahistre
+33 6 24 83 01 02
Cilia Gonzalez
+33 6 69 46 05 56

Publicist (international press)
Cinetic Marketing
Ryan Werner

Emilie Spiegel

Claudia Tomassini
+ 49 173 2055794  

Album The Sweet East

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