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Tout doit disparaître

Quinzaine 1997 | Short film | 14 m

In a Paris temporary employment office, some men wait for an eventual one-day job as movers. Among them are two newcomers, Jean-Pierre and Theo, who are not acquainted. They end up in suburbs to do what they think is just an ordinary job.

Artistic & technical sheet

Bruno Lopez
Claude Brousse
Emile Abossolo Mbo
François Gamart
Romain lagarde

Jean-Marc Moutout

Valérie Le GurunAlexandre Monnier

Eric BoisteauRoland Boon

Marie-Hélène Mora

Alain Besson, Toups Bebey

PRODUCTION : G.R.E.C. 14, rue Alexandre Parodi, 75010 Paris Tél. : 01 44 89 99 99 Fax : 01 44 89 99 60


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