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Quinzaine 1974 | Feature film | 1h30

« Uira » was made for everyone to understand the aggressiveness and paranoia of the white man on a worldwide scale, until he’s actually done with the Indians.
They were not victims of a totalitarian or oppressive regime, but first and foremost of imported western values, schizophrenic, materialistic and repressive – with this fear of death that eventually infects life itself.
The film was shot in the Maragnon, a region between the desert Nordeste and the Amazonian forest, an ethnic balance center between three races that put together are Brazil, and one of the most remote area of the country.
Gustavo Dahl

Artistic & technical sheet

Ana Maria Magalhaès
Erico Vidal

Gustavo Dahl

Rogerio Noël

Production : Gustavo Dahl et ALTER FILMES


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