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Vacances A Blériot

Quinzaine 1996 | Short film | 25 m

Nicolas and Thierry are 19 and both are cooking apprentices. In a few day, they will go to the army. Nicolas proposes his friend to come with him to his grandparents who had retired in Blériot, in th Pas-de-Calais. Hours and days are spent with laughs, little fears and disputes, a sweet countdown before the great departure. But nothing can be that simple…

Artistic & technical sheet

Alexandre Carrière
Claude Talpaert
Estelle Perron
Jenny Clève
Nicolas Ducron

Bruno Bontzolakis

Miguel Sanchez

Pierric Guenegan

Marie-France Cuenot

Nicolas Ducron

Set decoration
Laurent Lebourhis

PRODUCTION : Quo Vadis Cinéma 41, rue Westermeyer, 94200 Ivry sur Seine Tél. : 01 46 72 52 14 Fax : 01 46 75 52 20 CRRAV VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Quo Vadis Cinéma


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