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Quinzaine 1986 | Feature film | 1h43

In Countdown we follow the story of a small private enterprise, set up with neither money nor influence, although both are vital for its success. The only investment is the power of work, nothing else. This little business might be termed a « sub-enterprise ». The hero of the film rents a lorry from a cooperative and tries to earn a living in order to provide his family the bare essentials: a house and basic necessities that everyone has a right to hope for. To do this, he has to work more than sixteen hours a day. Some people can endure this rythm of labour. Our hero is of that ilk. However, one day he cracks up. The problem is that over the past forty years, a whole generation has not learnt how to undertake and now we have to learn to do so all over again. Without a spirit of enterprise, there is no viable economy. The film is for all those who want to start their own business, hoping that it will help them to set out on this difficult path. I don’t think that my film is against the spirit of enterprise, on the contrary. The reality of the subject seemed unquestionable, and I hope that the public’s reaction will prove me right. Pal Erdoss

Artistic & technical sheet

Denes Ujlaky
Erika Ozsda
Jeno Dekleva
Karoly Eperjes
Zoltan Bezederi

Itsvan Kardos

Ferenc Pap, Gabor Szabo

Gyorgy Fek

Klara Majoros

Jozsef Czencz

Production : Mafilm-Studio Tarsulas, Budapest, Hongrie Vente à l'étranger : Hungarofilm, Budapest, Hongrie