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Wege in die Nacht

Quinzaine 1999 | Feature film | 1h38

Walter used to be somebody, somebody with power and purpose, somebody driven by his conscience to do good – and now, society tells him he’s no longer needed. In his mid-fifties, trapped in a childless marriage, his only refuge is an old dream : that of a better world. Walter can’t sleep ; roaming around in the small hours with a couple of sidekicks, he’s still keeping things in order, with force if necessary. But when the day comes that he realizes that he’s no longer wanted, Walter explodes. Sylvia, his wife, is confronted by a dilemma : to betray her husband in order to save herself. Paths in the night : the powerfully lyrical story of the disintegration of love and the gradual breakdown of a man’s soul.

Artistic & technical sheet

Cornelia Schmaus
Dirk Borchardt
Henriette Heinze
Hilmar Thate

Johann Bergk

Jürgen Jürges

Siegfried Busza

Gisela Zick

Andreas Hoge, Steven Garling

Set decoration
Gabriele Wolff

Production :
Frank Löprich & Katrin Schlösser
Ö Filmproduktion
Lychenerstr. 82
10437 Berlin, Allemagne
tél. : (49 30) 446 726 0
fax : (49 30) 446 726 26 

ZDF (Television)  

Vente à l'’étranger :
Bavaria Film International
Dept. of Bavaria Media
Bavariafilmplatz 8
82031 Geiselgasteig, Allemagne
tél. : (49 89) 64 99 31 79
fax : (49 89) 64 99 37 20

Distribution :
Bavaria Film International