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White Night

Quinzaine 1996 | Feature film | 1 h 32

Based on “Charlie Is Clean”, the best-selling novel written by a convicted prisoner, “White Night” is the story of Charlie who attempts to kick his drug habit. He is helped by a fellow prisoner, Shlomo, and several prison service personnel who support him throughout his long ordeal. Charlie’s arduous route to “cleanliness” becomes spiritual as well as purely physical, and includes an unexpected friendship with the tenacious Shlomo. A first time offender, who finds himself imprisoned with serious drug users and dealers, discovers strengh and fortitude he didn’t know he had. Through courage and faith, he vows to stay sane and alive. Charlie and Shlomo, who come from vastly different social and ideological backgrounds, over-come the harsh and inhospitable prison conditions to create a bond of friendship between them that transcends their many differences…

Artistic & technical sheet

Arnon Zadok
Liora Rivlin
Shalom Shmuelov
Sharon Alexander
Shmil Ben Ari

Yoav Halevi

Ofer Harari

Yohai Moshe

Danny Shik

Arik Rudich

Set decoration
Eitan Halevi

PRODUCTION : Creative Films Ltd 2, Kikar Habima Sq., Tel Aviv, Israël 64253 Tél. : (972-3) 685 01 90 Fax (972-3) 673 38 67 Arnon Zadok Production Ltd. VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Creative Films Ltd.


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