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Mambar Pierrette

Quinzaine 2023 | Feature film | 93 min | Belgium, Cameroon
World premiere

A seamstress in Douala, Pierrette raises her children alone and looks after her mother. She is used to living hand to mouth, but she still has to navigate the odd pickpocket and the flooding of her house and workshop. Pierrette stiches together cloth, holding together the film and the fabric of her life, while her clients offload to her about their problems. A fiction built largely from documentary material, Mambar Pierrette is admirably straightforward and without pathos. It is a reflection of its leading actress: valiant, discreet and above all resilient. 


Pierrette Aboheu (Pierrette Mambar), Karelle Kenmogne (Karelle), Cécile Tchana (Mabreuh), Fabrice Ndjeuthat (Alphonse)


Rosine Mbakam

Fiona Braillon

Loïc Villiot, Roger Mboupda, Aline Gavroy

Production design
Laurent Kamga

Geoffroy Cernaix

Tândor Productions (Belgium)
Geoffroy Cernaix
+32 486 69 53 85 


foreign sales
The Party Film Sales


presse France
Makna Presse
Chloé Lorenzi 
Marie-Lou Duvauchelle
+ 33 1 42 77 00 16
+ 33 6 71 74 98 30


international press
Makna Presse

Screenings in Cannes

Théâtre Croisette - 05/21/2023 2.45pm

Théâtre Croisette - 05/22/2023 7.00pm

Cinéma La Licorne - 05/23/2023 9.00am

Cinéma Alexandre III - 05/23/2023 7.00pm

Cinéma Le Raimu - 05/24/2023 4.30pm

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