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Quinzaine 1995 | Feature film | 1h52

Torun has gone on vacation with her sister Ellen to Skagen, on Denmark’s Atlantic coast. Ellen is supposed to look after her sister’s children. On a hot afternoon, Torun is having a nap. Ellen, gone to the beach with the children, drowses off for a couple of minutes. Little Melker dies. How does one grieve over the lost life of a child? Isn’t Torun right when she says that tears are too simple a way out? We follow this family for a year. Mikael realises that Torun wants him to punish her for Melker’s death. But how on earth can he, a loving husband, get himself to do such a thing? And Torun pursues her search for punishment – often with other men and not often with any joy or success…

Artistic & technical sheet

Allan Svensson
Christopher Järredal-Antoniou
Gunilla Röör
Jane Friedmann
Lena Nilsson
Markus Johansson
Samuel Fröler

Stig Larsson, Kristian Petri

Srefan Kullänger

Klas Engström

Lasse Summanen

Twice A Man

Set decoration
Charles Koroly

Production : Götafilm AB, Göteborg, Suède Venteà l'étranger : Christa Saredi World Sales, Zürich, Suisse