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Taafe Fanga

Quinzaine 1997 | Feature film | 1 h 42

This film is a folk tale. The famous griot Sidiki Diabaté is our guide to the Bandiangara cliffs and into the past of the Dogon people. The Albarga, the mask of the cliff spirits, symbol of power, falls into the hands of Yayémé, a young woman, and creates disorder in Yanda. The womenfolk trade their skirts for men’s trousers. Curse? Divine punishment? The women take power… Will the new order stand up to all the inherent contradiction?

Artistic & technical sheet

Fanta Bérété
Héléne Diarra
Ibrahim Koïta
Michel Sangaré
Ramata Drabo
Ténéman Sanogo

Adama Drabo

Lionel Cousin

Pierre Gauthier

Rose Evans-Decraene

Harouna Barry

Set decoration
Klétigui Dembele

PRODUCTION : CNPC/Taaré Film BP 116, Bamako, Mali Tél. : (223) 22 59 13 Fax : (223) 22 77 62 VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Atria/Atriascop 16, bd Jules Ferry, 75011 Paris Tél. : 01 43 57 17 32 Fax : 01 43 57 01 33


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